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Maintenance of civil and industrial buildings

C.M.F. has been operating in the field of maintenance of offices, industrial buildings, technical rooms and accessories for many years, guaranteeing interventions on the building cover and in particular manufactures:

  1. metal canopies and carpentry in general, sailing ladders, walkways, grills, etc.

  2. demolition, core drilling and drilling on prefabricated or on-site structures

  3. new apertures (doors or windows) on the wall, covered passages (footsteps), skylights, pluvial;

  4. replacement of fixed and / or opening skylights, replacement of glass and/or sheets of alveolar or compact polycarbonate

  5. remaking of sheds or skylights in glazed elements or in alveolar or compact polycarbonate

  6. supply and assembly of life lines

  7. maintenance and repairs of waterproofing, with localization of the pathologies that cause infiltrations

  8. repairs of sealing and chipping of plugging sandwich panels

Emergency service

Engaging teams specialized in “emergency service” fully equipped with transport and lifting equipment, with the possibility of carrying out emergency interventions for damage caused by abrupt events in order to restore normality and safety in buildings or plants in the shortest possible time.

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