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In 2018, C.M.F. Costruzioni Montaggi Friuli s.r.l. has obtained accreditation as a Territorial Joint Training Centre, thus providing companies and professionals with thirty years’ experience in the field of safety and prevention in the workplace.

Territorial Joint Training Center

I C.F.P.T. (Centri di Formazione Paritetici Territoriali – Territorial Joint Training Center) are trainers and as ordinary members of the Conflavoro PM association system – through the UNASF (National Security and Training Union) – following the agreement stipulated with the Training Board Conflavoro PMI,– according to the convention and C.F.P.T. – organize training and refreshment courses throughout the country, in compliance with the amended Legislative Decree 81/2008 and with the State-Regional Agreements of December 21st, 2011, February 22nd, 2012 and July 7th, 2016, as foreseen in classes, E- learning and Blended.

C.M.F. Costruzioni Montaggi Friuli s.r.l. realizza, sull’intero territorio nazionale, corsi di formazione nel settore della salute e sicurezza sul lavoro grazie ad un team composto da docenti e medici esperti in salute e sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro.

Le attività formative sono organizzate nelle modalità previste, ovvero in aula, E-learning e Blended.”


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