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C.M.F. Costruzioni Montaggi Friuli s.r.l. carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on carpentry and moving parts of production plants and areas immediately adjacent to production sites.
The different systems and their components (ovens, belts, roller conveyors, passage ways, etc.) involve coordinated evaluations, aimed at maintaining constant performance over time achieving maximum efficiency.
Maintenance activities include inspection, measurement, replacement, adjustment, repairs, fault detection, component replacement, assistance and testing.

Intervention strategies

Preventive and programmed intervention strategies are prepared and implemented in collaboration with the client, operations are planned securely, taking into account expenses and costs.

Planning of ordinary necessary operations are performed to guarantee the plant life cycle, foreseeing possible failures and thus reducing the costs of extraordinary maintenance involving production stops with the replacement and/or repair of important components.


Plant maintenance plan

In accordance with the client, a Plant maintenance plan is elaborated from the executive project drawings and with the information derived through the operational experience and the history on the maintenance interventions and component replacement frequency.
To guide interventions and for the maintenance function efficiency standard the Maintenance Plan is generally articulated into detail through the drafting of:

  • Users manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Maintenance Technical Data

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