Life Lines

Life lines and fall arrest system

Working at height exposes workers to high risk due to the danger of falling.

Anyone (residential building administrator/owner /employer /manager /supervisor) who orders or commissions such works may be involved in liability actions if violations or deficiencies emerge in the regulation application regarding protection for workers at height.

Lifelines are safety systems with the function to prevent falls. The operators anchored onto life lines are duly protected during all work phases. These may be temporary, in the manufacture/ construction phase, therefore to be dismantled, or stable, to allow periodic maintenance, control and inspection of any artefact / building.

C.M.F. Montaggi Construction Friuli s.r.l. works in collaboration with leading international companies in the design and manufacture of certified high-quality fall arrest systems, resulting from innovation, development and research.

All products are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the high quality standards required by national and European regulations.

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